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Install Visual Studio Code (VS Code) Editor in Kali linux

VS Code is best choice for many developers. In this article we see how to install and use in kali linux.

Step-1: Download the vscode debian(.deb format) file from below official link

In downloads folder you can find debian file as shown below

Step-2: Open the terminal and navigate to downloads folder

2.1 Navigate to Downloads folder using cd command

2.2 Check the file existence using ls command

2.3 Run the sudo app install command like shown below

root@kali:~/Downloads# sudo apt install ./code_1.48.0-1597304990_amd64.deb 

After running this command you can successfully install the vs code editor in your kali linux machine.

Step -3: You can open the vs code by searching it in Menu

By creating or by opening new projects we can happily use vs code for coding.

I hope this article is useful for you to install vs code in kali linux. Happy coding…Thank you


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